CITY LIFE (B2 Lesson)

3. Read, think and respond

This is the city of Whittier, Alaska, USA. About 200 people live in Whittier, and almost all of them live in just one building, called Begich Towers. The shops and the school are also part of this building. You can see Begich Towers on the left of the photo.

a. Speak with a classmate

Imagine living your whole life in one building. How do you think it would affect daily life? What would you like and dislike about this way of life?

b. Write four sentences

Describe how these four things would change, for someone moving from your home town to Whittier:

  • the journeys people make every day (to school or college or work)
  • education and school
  • social life and a sense of community
  • people’s health

Use the vocabulary in the table, if you need to:

[Thing] would be longer/ shorter/ better/ worse, because [reason].[Thing] is likely to become more/ less difficult, because [reason].When it comes to [thing], I expect it/they would [verb].

c. Brainstorm

Can you think of other situations where people spend all their time inside one building?

d. Think and answer

If you had the chance to ask one question to someone in Whittier, what would you ask?

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