CITY LIFE (B2 Lesson)

4. Listen and Compare

We’re going to listen to Erika, a teacher, talking about her experiences of living and working in Whittier.

a. Read the vocabulary and answer the questions together

  • Before we listen, let’s just check a few words:
    • bush community – a settlement in the bush or bushlands, a wild landscape which has not been farmed intensively. Where in the world can you find bush communities?
    • condo a condominium – a North American word for a comfortable apartment in a building owned and managed by its residents. Are there condos in your home town?
    • mayor the head of a town or city. Some mayors have a lot of power; some mayors’ job is just to go to important events and make a speech. Who is your local mayor?

b. Listen to 0:00 – 3:59.

  • Does Erika agree with any of the things you wrote down earlier about Whittier (in part 3b)?
  • Does she answer any of the questions you wanted to ask (in part 3d)?

c. Reflect and Discuss

  • What positive and negative things does Erika say about life in Whittier?
“I would say one major (dis)advantage is…”If I remember it right, she mentioned…”“Another positive / negative / pro / con is (that)…”

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