CITY LIFE (B2 Lesson)

9. Listen and Reflect

a. We’re going to listen to a video by NEOM, the city authority which is responsible for the plan for The Line.

  • How many of your questions does the video answer?
  • What does the narrator say about:
    • sustainability in Line City?
    • community life?

b. Discuss these statements. How far do you agree with each?

  • This is a wildly impractical project and is likely to be a disastrous failure.
  • It might eventually succeed, but I wouldn’t personally want to live there.
  • The way we live needs to change, so it’s good that Saudi Arabia is leading the way in creating a clean and sustainable city.
  • We do need to change the way we live, but this is moving too far too fast.
  • It’s too easy to criticise big projects like this, but the only way to achieve anything big is to take risks.

c. Find a different video (in English) about NEOM and Line City to watch outside class time. Summarise it for your classmates, next lesson.

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