YUCK! (C1-C2 Lesson)

2. Compare

You’re going to read some short recipes for unusual foods.

With a partner, try to agree on a rating 1-5 for each one. You can give the same rating to more than one food.

5 = “It’s alright. I can imagine eating this.”
1 = “Revolting! Never in a million years!”

For each text, read the instruction, click the link, and scroll to find the relevant part of the page:

Text a (Just read the Soup on the Rocks advert in the picture near the top.)

Text b (Scroll down and look at the ‘Tennis Chop’. Read the description of it.)

Text c (Scroll down to the ‘A&P Surprise’ recipe at the bottom. Read as much as you can.)

Text d (Again, scroll to the bottom to find the Jell-O Salad. Read the text in the photo.)

Text e (Read the recipe for Charcoal Ice-Cream.)

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