YUCK! (C1-C2 Lesson)

6. Finding the right response

What is the ideal response to these ‘food-shaming’ comments?

a. Eww, what’s that you’re eating?

b. Cake? Shouldn’t you order something healthier?

c. You’re such a picky eater. Relax! A few vegetables aren’t going to kill you.

d. You’ve hardly eaten anything. Are you OK?

e. How can you eat those? They’re revolting!

f. Would it hurt you so much just to eat the same food as the rest of us?

g. So many amazing cuisines out there, and yet all you eat is white bread. Try something new!

Bonus Activity: Take one of the comments above and create a 1-2 minute drama putting it in the context of a situation where several people are eating together.

Main Photo: Engin Akyurt, via Pexels.

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