YUCK! (C1-C2 Lesson)

3. Read

Which of the foods from page 2 did you find most interesting? Which are you most curious about? Click one or two links below to read more.

Soup on the Rocks

Tennis Chop

A&P Surprise

Jell-O Salad

Charcoal Ice-Cream

Now make a group and answer the questions together. You might need to check the texts again for details.

a) Which of these foods…

  • i) became a trend most recently?
  • ii) was invented by a company so that they could increase sales?
  • iii) was definitely intended to be humorous?
  • iv) may have become popular partly because of its appearance?
  • v) is a 20th-century reinterpretation of a much older type of dish?
  • vi) was associated with a controversial political movement?
  • vii) depended most on advances in technology?

b) Which do you think…

  • i) has been consumed most often?
  • ii) has been consumed least often?
  • iii) has the most interesting history?
  • iv) tells us the most about human behaviour?
  • v) is most likely to be fashionable 100 years from now?

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