YUCK! (C1-C2 Lesson)

4. Listen and Share

Here are some videos of people trying – and talking about – foods that are unfamiliar to them. Pick one of the videos, and make notes about it, including:

  • what the food is
  • who is trying it
  • any positive or negative comments they make describing the food.

Then tell your classmates about the video you watched.

a. Natto (from Texan local news channel KENS 5)

b. Hákarl (from a YouTube channel called ‘Disgusting Food Museum’)

c. Insects (by the foodie vlogger Mark Wiens)

d. Irish Stew (a short video from the crazykoreancooking YouTube channel)

e. British snacks (from Buzzfeed)

f. Korean food from ‘K-Dramas’ (from BuzzFeed India)

g. Blue Cheese (from Cicilia Widyadari’s YouTube channel)

h. Italian food (from ‘Vincenzo’s Plate’ – mostly in Italian but with subtitles)

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