2. About the Present Perfect

a. Positive sentences with Present Perfect

Basic Sentence Pattern:
    person + have/has + 3rd form verb + other information

    I        have       won             a painting competition.
    They     have       eaten           insects.
    You      've        swum            in the Pacific Ocean.
    She      's         taken           a lot of famous people in her taxi.
    My boss  has        made            a sandwich for the Queen.

b. Have or has?

  • (1) I ____ met Rihanna twice.
  • (2) We ____ seen a snow leopard.
  • (3) My dog ____ eaten too many sausages.
  • (4) Patti and Nicole ____ been to Antarctica.
  • (5) Ryan ____ played the violin for an audience of five thousand.

c. Listen to the teacher. How do they pronounce have and has?

  • Now try saying the same sentences.

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