7. I have never…

a. How do they say it?

We went back to our four interviewees from part 5, and asked them “What’s an experience you’ve never had?”.

  • What words, phrases and grammar do they use when giving a negative answer?
  • Which interviewees suggest they might do these things in future?

Hanna: I haven’t ever flown in a plane. It’s unusual nowadays, I know! My dad hates flying, so my holidays as a child were always by car, and I got a motorbike when I was 19. My friends fly off to Spain or Morocco in their vacations, but I’m always too busy, working or studying. So I’ve never got around to it!

Elena: I’ve never eaten a spider. My teacher says everyone eats spiders because they climb into our mouths when we sleep, but I’ve never eaten a spider. I know I haven’t because I’m not weird and wriggly. Not like my brother. He’s eaten too many spiders and now he wriggles all the time.

Gilbert: I haven’t been to a punk rock festival… yet! I almost went in 1981, then I broke my leg, met my wife and got a job, all at the same time, so it didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll get the chance next year, after I finally retire. I guess you have to buy a ticket these days? I’d better ask my assistant… Or I could just climb over the fence. Let’s see.

Danny: Oh come on, you can’t ask me that, I’m an experienced guy! But all right, I’ll tell you one thing I haven’t done. I haven’t so far watched any Disney movies. Do I plan to? No! I’m proud of it; I can’t change now, haha! But it’s hard… I really want to see ‘The Lion King’. Do you think I should?

b. It’s your turn to answer!

What’s an experience you’ve never had? Tell your classmates.

The photos on this page are by Ketut Subiyanto, Max Vakhtbovych, Andrea Piacquadio, and Dominika Gregušová.

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