8. Bucket Lists

a. Speak

  • What is a bucket list?
  • What is a typical title for a bucket list?
  • The phrase ‘bucket list’ comes from the idiom ‘to kick the bucket’. What do you think it means?

b. A bucket list of bucket lists!

In a pair or group, brainstorm a list of 5 bucket lists you’d be interested to read. These can be on any subject, so be creative!

Just write the titles of the lists, not the full lists. For example, here’s mine:

1. Ten ingredients you should start using in your cooking
2. Five short documentary movies you should watch NOW
3. Twenty types of tomato to grow in your garden
4. Ten art galleries you can explore online
5. How many of these Englishin3d lessons have you used?

c. Now write the list

Give your list (from part b) to another pair or group. Take the list that your classmates wrote.

Choose one topic from the list and start making a bucket list, with recommendations for your classmates.

(For example, from my list above, you could take point 3 and make a list of twenty types of tomato. You might need to do some research online!)

Present your list to the class, and listen to your classmates’ presentations.

  • How many of your classmates’ recommendations have you already done?

d. Discuss

  • Are bucket lists useful?

e. Present Perfect: Revision

(Part 8e is a review activity which you can do for homework. Your teacher can send you the worksheet.)

The main photo for this lesson is by Julia Volk at Pexels.

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