6. Questions and Answers

a. Speak with a partner

  • (i) What’s the most interesting city you’ve visited?
  • (ii) What’s the greatest film you’ve watched?
  • (iii) What’s the longest book you’ve read? How was it?
  • (iv) What’s the saddest song you’ve listened to?
  • (v) What’s the best photo you’ve taken?

To ask the same question back to your partner, ask “And you?”, or “And what about you?”

b. Add one word to complete each of the questions

  • (i) Have you ever _____ a whole book in English?
  • (ii) _____ you listened to any songs from before 1960?
  • (iii) Have _____ played any multiplayer games online?
  • (iv) Have you _____ bought something that was over a hundred years old?
  • (v) Have you _____ any black and white movies?

c. Interview Challenge

(Your teacher can tell you what to do for this activity).

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