5. Reading

a. Add the missing sentences

We asked four people to tell us about an experience they remember. We wrote down their answers but we took out the first sentence of each reply. Can you fill in what they said?

Danny: I’ve ______. I was in California for a year and my housemate was an Australian guy. He got some kangaroo steaks and barbecued them, then he made us try it! How did it taste? Oh, I don’t want to talk about that.

Elena: I’ve ______. I was eating grapes. It came to my window and said “Boo”. I think the dinosaur wanted a grape. I said “You have to come to the front door” but it just went away.

Gilbert: I’ve ______. When I was a student, a group of us had a competition to see how many buildings we could climb from outside. I didn’t win – my mate Harry went up eleven roofs, including the Canadian parliament building! He’s now a senior police officer. Have I walked on any roofs this year? Maybe… but don’t tell my wife!

Hanna: I’ve ______ . When I was a teenager, I made cupcakes to sell after school. I don’t think they were very good, but I had a lot of customers. Then I started a software business. I sold it to a friend because I got busy with my next project, which was making ice-cream from natural ingredients. Now I have a team of five ice-cream makers. It’s winter now, but cafés and supermarkets still buy our icecreams!

b. Describing experiences: more practice

(Part 5b includes a reading extension activity and a writing task. Your teacher can give you a worksheet with instructions for this part of the lesson.)

The photos on this page are by Ketut Subiyanto, Max Vakhtbovych, Andrea Piacquadio, and Dominika Gregušová.

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