3. Listen – Lotti on Border Patrol

Let’s listen to a couple more clips, this time about Lotti, a 13-year-old female.

a. Watch 10.48 – 11.59.

  • How different is Lotti’s character, compared with Rudi’s? Are there any similarities between them?

b. Watch 12.00 – 13.50 (below).

  • Where does Lotti go on the first day of the study, and why?
  • How does Lotti interact with her neighbour, Zora?

c. Listen again to 13.11 – 13.39 (below).

  • How many synonyms for ‘go’ do you hear?

d. Read the quotation from the last part of the clip

A cat is very interested in seeing how far it can go, for if it just stays where there are no other scent marks, it doesn’t know if it is able to expand its territory.

  • Could this statement also be applied (in a metaphorical sense) to aspects of human behaviour?

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