5. Share your Ideas

a. Discuss

  • (i) We’ve looked at the ‘why’ of feline navigation, but let’s consider the ‘how’. How do you think cats find their way around the neighbourhood?
  • (ii) Would you expect that most animals navigate in a similar way, or do you think there are considerable differences in how they do it?
  • (iii) Do you know of any animals that have found their way over an extremely long distance, or managed to return after getting lost in an unfamiliar place?

b. Listen and share

Make pairs. You’re going to watch a short video about an animal that went on a journey. After you finish watching, summarise the story to your partner, and find some similarities and differences between your two stories.

Student 1: click here to hear about Bobbie

Student 2: click here to find out about Bob

c. Discuss

  • (i) How do humans navigate?
  • (ii) How do young children learn to navigate their immediate environment?
  • (iii) How did the earliest humans navigate? (Of course, you don’t know for sure, but nor does anyone else, so please feel free to speculate!)

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