4. Listen – The Dénouement

a. Watch 40.12 – 41.03.

  • Discuss the various possibilities for what could happen next, after this clip.

b. Read the quotation

When night falls and calm descends upon the town, the cats are at their most active.

  • Which two things are described – metaphorically – as falling or descending?
  • What other nouns can be paired with ‘fall’ or ‘descend’?
  • What about the opposite? Which nouns can be paired with ‘rise’?

c. Watch 41.44 – 43.04 (below).

  • What decision do the two cats make, and why?

d. Watch 41.44 – 43.04 again. (The easiest way to find the same clip again is to refresh this page in your browser, and then play the video above).

  • Note down as much vocabulary as possible which relates to territorial conflict.

e. Discuss

  • Is the vocabulary here too exaggerated or over-the-top, considering this is a documentary about household pets?

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