7. Wayfinding

a. In this video, Laura Carlson, a professor of psychology, answers the previous question.

Watch the video, then summarise the three points she makes and compare these with the answers you gave.

b. We’re going to examine the concept of wayfinding in more detail, using a webpage created by the Society for Experiential Graphic Design. Follow the link to read the article, and answer the questions:

  • (i) Using your own words, what is wayfinding?
  • (ii) What examples of wayfinding are given in the article?
  • (iii) How do the photos illustrate the information in the text?

c. Based on the article, are these statements true or false?

  • (i) The term ‘wayfinding’ is defined as an innate skill which all humans have.
  • (ii) The article emphasises the mental health benefits of good wayfinding systems.
  • (iii) Wayfinding does not necessarily need to be text-based.
  • (iv) The purpose of wayfinding systems at an airport is to let travellers understand the layout of the whole building.
  • (v) The article hints that the use of smartphones to get around public buildings may be more widespread in future.

d. Discuss:

  • Do you know a public building or space that could benefit from a better wayfinding system?
  • In what ways could it be improved?

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